The 7th AIGE/IIETA International Conference and 16th AIGE 2022 Conference
Parma, Italy, June 8-9, 2022  


The conference topics focus on the study fields of heat transfer and energy production. This year, due to the recognition of "Italian Creative UNESCO City of Grastronomy" recently given to the city of Parma, a special section related to the food processing industry has been added.

Thermodynamics and heat transfer

Heat Exchangers – Conduction, Convection and Radiation Heat Transfer -  Boiling Heat Transfer - Heat Transfer in Fission and Fusion Nuclear Facilities – Exergy Analysis - Entropy Generation Minimization – Heat and Mass Transfer Processes – Thermodynamic Modelling and Optimization – Computational Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics

Energy Conversion and Management

Analysis and optimization of energy processes - Cogeneration and combined heat, power and refrigeration - Combustion improvements and combustion of new fuels - Industrial and domestic use of energy - Energy conversion and storage – Energy Efficiency in Buildings – Improvement of Indoor Air Quality – Energy Saving in Transportations – Power Plants and Equipment – Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning – Low Enthalpy Energy Sources – Energy Harvesting

Energy and ​​Environmental Policy

Energy Analysis - Energy Planning and Management - Energy supply security – Climate Change Politics – Energy Scenarios – Energy Forecasting modeling - Integrated Energy Systems - Optimal Use of Energy Resources

Power Systems and Networks

Electricity Supply and Demand: Transmission, Distribution, Network Operation, Data Monitoring and Control Systems– District Energy networks – Natural Gas Supply – Power Plants: Automation Control and Metering - Smart Grids – Nuclear Power plants - Hydrogen Production Technology - Fuel Cells

Renewable Energy Sources

Wind Energy - Solar Energy: Thermal and Photovoltaic systems - Hydroelectric power - Biomass and Bioenergy - Geothermal Energy Systems – Tide and Waves Energy

Energy in Food processing

Novel thermal management techniques in food industry - Environmental-friendly applications in food industry - Energy efficiency in food industry - Analysis and optimization of energy processes in food industry - Cold Chain - Energy Efficiency in the food industry.